A heroin epidemic is gripping our nation, indiscriminately destroying lives in big cities and small towns alike. No community is immune from the devastating impact addiction has on suffering individuals and their families. The Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) is no exception, and local residents are desperately searching for answers. In the following WJBF News Channel 6 special report, Investigative Journalist Mike Miller interviews Bluff Plantation Medical Director, Dr. William Jacobs, in an effort to better understand the CSRA’s disturbing rise in heroin addiction and examine what is being done on the front lines to prevent abuse and treat those in need.

Bluff Plantation’s team of board certified doctors and clinicians live and work in the CSRA. We understand the pain families are feeling and work with them closely throughout the treatment and recovery process. Unlike traditional treatment centers where clients are essentially on their own after a brief stay in rehab, our aftercare program helps clients transition back into their lives, provides ongoing support to prevent relapse, and helps them stay on the path to lifelong recovery.

We encourage CSRA residents to take a moment to watch this powerful investigative report. To learn more about how Bluff Plantation can help your family, please call 1(877) 735-4146.