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Substance Abuse Treatment for Professionals

Seeking recovery from addiction for professionals can be particularly difficult. At Bluff Plantation, our confidential addiction treatment programs were designed specifically for high-profile, discerning professional clients who have become afflicted with alcohol, drug, or pain medication abuse.

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Tailored Addiction Program for Professionals

Bluff Plantation offers a confidential addiction rehabilitation destination for impaired professionals in a culturally sensitive environment conducive to healing and recovery. Our recovery programs are designed to work with patients to achieve and maintain their goals so that they can continue to lead successful personal and professional lives.

Addiction is particularly destructive for skilled and licensed professionals. Due to the demands and expectations in their work, this is particularly true for executives, attorneys, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, athletes, airline pilots, therapists and other kinds of professionals. Our program is suitable for anyone who works in a profession that demands high accountability and responsibility, or is safety-related in nature.



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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Bluff Plantation offers a robust, comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach for addiction treatment. Our approach begins with an individual assessment and diagnosis to ensure appropriate and complete treatment of chemical dependency and co-occurring behavioral health disorders.

If detox is required, you will be assigned a team of medical professionals to monitor your treatment under 24-hour nursing care. Once you enter the post-detox treatment phase, you will be immersed in holistic therapy, continued medical management and discharge planning.

Hear from Dr. William Jacobs,
Bluff Plantation Medical Director

Medically-Driven Treatment Model

“Our patients see a doctor almost every day. That’s unusual in most treatment centers.”

Getting You Back to What You do Best

Our continuous care model provides ongoing support for our professional clients once they have completed the residential program at Bluff Plantation. Because professionals face additional challenges in addiction recovery, we offer specialized support groups such as Caduceus professional recovery groups, relapse prevention training, and leisure and wellness education.

Bluff Plantation focuses on comprehensive rehabilitation to ensure successful re-entry into the workforce. In doing so, we work closely in collaboration with professional advocacy and monitoring organizations to ensure successful recovery for each client and provide assistance in regaining or retaining professional licensure.


Lifelong Partner

Once you become a client at Bluff Plantation, you are considered a client for life. Substance abuse is a chronic disease and lifelong recovery requires long-term management. Our treatment has no specific time frame and doesn’t end when you leave our campus. We will continue to support you long after you’ve completed detox and our in-patient recovery program.


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