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Spiritual Care and Healing

Spirituality emphasizes the highest capacity of human beings: to create meaning and purpose in life. This capacity is beneficial in addiction recovery as we seek to address not only the psychological, physical, and social aspects but the spiritual needs of a client as well.

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Re-Connecting to Your Beliefs

For many, recovery from addiction is a spiritual awakening. Spirituality is not synonymous with religion, and can mean different things to different people. Spirituality is defined as deeply held beliefs that bring meaning to your life. Recovery from addiction involves re-connecting to these beliefs.

Successful long-term recovery from substance abuse requires a perspective shift, and this shift can only be achieved through a spiritual transformation. However one relates to spirituality, it can be an important facet of the recovery process.



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Renewed Sense of Purpose

Regardless of where your spiritual power is derived from, it is a tool that allows for lasting healing. The path of addiction is often times a path of isolation and detachment. A renewed sense of purpose provides the opportunity to recognize the reality that you are not alone on your journey. Countless people have successfully walked this path before you and you can too. With greater meaning comes a greater commitment to lasting success. By recognizing the power of a greater purpose and interconnectedness with others, individuals often choose to give back to their community in various ways. This creates a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose while maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle.

Eliminating Fears and Anxiety

Individuals in addiction recovery report that treatment programs that include spiritual care and healing provide them with a more optimistic, hopeful outlook on life. These individuals experience an increased sense of social support, less anxiety, greater resilience to stress and a deeper desire to overcome addiction.

At Bluff Plantation, our spiritual care and healing programs both serve to treat addictions and to help you reconnect with your beliefs. If you feel that your addiction may have been caused by a lack of connection to a higher power, by seeking and adding this higher power back into your life, the urge toward addictive behavior will be reduced.


Self Discovery and Meaning

At Bluff Plantation, we support this process of transformation by helping you identify and reconnect with those aspects of your life that you hold closest to your heart. For some, it is a meaningful relationship with God, and for others it is a devotion to helping others recover from addiction. It is this connection to a higher purpose that is critical in transforming the addict into a recovered person who abstains from addictive substances.


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