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RecoveryMind Training

Drug and alcohol addiction hijacks almost every aspect of our brain functioning, literally rewiring the nerve cells and disrupting our ability to criticallyevaluate our actions. Bluff Plantationhas developed an innovative addiction treatment approach that retrains the brain and reverses the damage caused by addiction called RecoveryMind Training.

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Understanding the "AddictBrain"

When a person develops an addiction disorder, the brain’s function begins to change. At first these changes are subtle but over time, as addiction progresses, it radically rearranges how the brain processes information. Addicts may find themselves neglecting work and family for alcohol or drug use. The drive to be the best at work and family may be supplanted by a desire to smoke marijuana or drink excessive alcohol.

Addiction derails your brain’s learning circuitry – you may become more and more adept at addiction-related goals while the rest of your life falls apart. The ability to critically evaluate your actions becomes severely distorted and you may find yourself blaming your failures on colleagues and family rather than seeing the true culprit of your downfall. Bluff Plantation refers to the sum of all these effects as the AddictBrain.



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Rearranging Thoughts and Behaviors

RecoveryMind is a series of thought rearrangements, attitude adjustments, behavior adjustments, insights and spiritual changes that prevent an addicted person with an AddictBrainfrom distorting reality. Addiction has a way of twisting our personalities, making some simple tasks such as telling the truth seem impossible. That is a measure of its power.

The addiction experts at Bluff Plantation have developed this concept based on years of experience in helping patients overcome addictions.Bluff Plantation also incorporates some of the elements of 12 Step principles into this initial phase of recovery.

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Addiction is a Chronic Brain Disease

“We’re able to treat addiction like the chronic illness it is.”

RecoveryMind Training

Neuroscience research has discovered that persistent and diligent changes in our thought patterns, emotional expression, physical actions and our spiritual beliefs can rewire the brain.

To reset these patterns, Bluff Plantation implements a process that involves a specific type of learning into your addiction treatment plan in the initial recovery phase.

RecoveryMind Training is the process of acquiring skills needed in the recovery process that improve your emotional stability, heightens your self-concept, and addresses your relapse prevention skills—among others. This phase of your treatment will teach you the skills necessary for continuing on to the rest of your addiction rehabilitation.


Extensive and Profound Changes

Addiction often controls how individuals think and behave. It changes automatic responses to the environment and modifies values and beliefs. It powerfully shifts what triggers and motivates you. The learning needed for recovery must be just as extensive and profound as the impact addition has on your brain. Bluff Plantation’s RecoveryMind Training is the first step in achieving lifelong abstinence. Learn more about our life-giving rehab center in Augusta, Georgia.


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