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Recovery Planning and Coaching

Successful recovery does not just happen; it is carefully planned. By recognizing that alcohol or drug addiction is a chronic disease it becomes possible to frame addiction as a lifetime condition that requires continuous treatment and support.

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Preparing to Assimilate Back into Society

Success in any endeavor requires special preparation and planning. An effective substance prevention plan can be the difference between success and relapse. It must be a carefully balanced mix of strategies aimed at preparing you for circumstances that may jeopardize abstinence. This often-overlooked stage of care is imperative to a lasting recovery.

Bluff Plantation's comprehensive recovery planning and coaching takes into consideration social interactions, emotional triggers, family, work and daily stress in a way that fosters a healthy recovery and provides coping mechanisms for circumstances that may lead to relapse. We will facilitate your movement through recovery planning in the most effective, efficient and comprehensive manner, preparing you for a successful re-entry back into society.



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Healing Strained Relationships

A drug or alcohol addiction not only affects the user, but can place a significant strain on everyone in the family. It's an illness that causes family members to grapple with its consequences in silence. Addiction has an isolating effect and families need to know they are not alone. To overcome the feelings of betrayal, distrust, hurt, and shame, family members must be included in counseling and in the recovery planning phase.

Bluff Plantation's Family Counseling sessions address relationship problems, particularly those that may hinder recovery, and educate family members on the many different facets of addiction. As a team, the addict and family members will learn and address communication skills, relationship boundaries, and develop a greater understanding of each other. Many long-standing relationship problems can improve greatly, or even get resolved, through Bluff Plantation's Family Counseling modality.

Relapse is a Process. Not an Episode.

Bluff Plantation's recovery planning has been developed on the belief that addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing monitoring. Not only will we assist you in revealing and resolving issues that drive you to alcohol or drug use, but we will also set in place a framework of support to last you for years to come.

Our ongoing support includes counseling, support group meetings, regular follow-up appointments, self management skills training, community involvement and vocational skills development. Bluff Plantation also works closely with professional associations such as professional advocacy and monitoring organizations to ensure successful recovery for each client.


New Treatment Model for Lifelong Recovery

Research has shown that the existing treatment model in addiction recovery is detrimental because it does not address deficiencies in treatment such as low rates of participation in post-treatment activities that in turn cause relapse and readmission. Bluff Plantation addresses these deficiencies by incorporating long-term planning for lifelong addiction recovery. Like diabetes or a cardiovascular condition, addiction requires a continuum of care. Recovery planning and coaching is part of the continuum of care that places particular emphasis on sustained monitoring.


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