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Addiction Centered Counseling

Addiction is a complex interaction of psychological, physical, social, and emotional factors. These factors create an ongoing challenge that requires specific skills to overcome. When delivered during the right stage of alcohol or drug addiction treatment, addiction centered counseling teaches these invaluable skills of success.

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An Array of Therapeutic Modalities

At Bluff Plantation, specially trained behavioral health counselors and nurses provide an array of therapeutic modalities including - group, family and individual counseling, patient and family education and recovery coaching.

Addiction centered counseling enables patients to build skills to resist drug use, replace drug-using activities with constructive and rewarding non-drug using activities, improve problem-solving abilities and restore interpersonal relationships during their drug addiction treatment.

Our highly skilled addiction centered counselors continue to play an important role well after initial treatment. This ongoing support and education provides the framework for a new life free from the burden of addiction.



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Counseling at the Right Time

Behavioral changes take place in identifiable stages: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. By understanding where you are on the continuum of change, effective treatment can be provided that is designed to work specifically with your stage. If you are in need of detoxification and stabilization, you are likely not ready for meaningful dialogue about your substance abuse issues. Motivational interviewing identifies this reality and strategically integrates counseling at a time when it will be of the greatest value to you. We meet patients where they are, not where our program demands that they be.

Family Counseling

Bluff Plantation is committed to helping you repair your strained family relationships caused by your addiction. Most likely your loved ones have been gravely affected, and chances are, they're hurting too. In a supportive, therapeutic environment you'll learn to rebuild the trust that was broken from years of substance abuse addiction.

Your family therapist will encourage you to involve your family in as much of your treatment as possible. They will provide with feedback about your addiction behaviors so you can work through some of the feelings and emotions lingering from your addiction. This type of therapy allows you to face your addiction in a new light and gain new understanding for how it affected your relationships.


Understanding Yourself, Managing Your Disease

Addiction is a complex disease that is difficult to observe in real time. It is difficult to understand how addiction is impacting your personality and behavior when you are actively using. At Bluff Plantation, our counselors help you understand the basic mechanisms of addiction as a disease, how it affects your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and loved ones. Our addiction centered counseling helps you work through your emotions as you recover. Learn more about our rehab center in Augusta.

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The Most Important thing you Should Know

“When they leave here, we want them to be well on their road toward long-term recovery.”


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