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Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

Bluff Plantation is committed to helping you transition from a life of addiction to a life of well-being in recovery. We believe that addiction is a chronic, multi-dimensional brain disease involving complex biological, behavioral, and social systems. Therefore, we have designed a residential treatment program that is also multi-dimensional that comprehensively addresses your addiction disorder.

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Our Comprehensive, Multi-Faceted Addiction Recovery Model

At Bluff Plantation, our experience has taught us that addiction can be overcome when treated with a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach delivered by licensed and credentialed addiction medicine experts. Since addiction is a chronic disease that requires lifelong care, our board certified experts and clinical team have designed unique addiction treatment modalities to help you recover from addiction and give you the lifestyle management tools to help you sustain your recovery over the long-term.


Expert Medical Management

Recovering from addiction requires expert medical management by board-certified physicians who specialize in Addiction Medicine or Addiction Psychiatry. The medical team at Bluff Plantation provides comprehensive care including evaluation, diagnosis, detoxification, treatment of co-morbid medical conditions, medication management, patient education and support.

Addiction Centered Counseling

After initial treatment, addiction centered counseling becomes the heart and soul of the recovery process. At Bluff Plantation, specially trained behavioral health counselors and nurses provide an array of therapeutic modalities, including group, family and individual counseling, patient and family education and recovery coaching.


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Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention

Increasingly recognized as an effective way to improve mental and physical health, mindfulness is also an important component of addiction recovery and maintenance. To be mindful is to be completely attuned to your current surroundings and the task in front of you. Bluff Plantation’s addiction treatment program will teach you how to be mindful by recognizing thoughts and actions that may lead to relapse.

Recovery Planning and Coaching

From the moment you begin Bluff Plantation’s addiction treatment program, we begin to design your long-term success strategy with consideration for your personal life circumstances. By recognizing that drug addiction is a chronic disease it becomes possible to frame addiction as a lifetime condition that requires continuous treatment and support.


Success Story: Hannah's Recovery from Addiction

Meet Hannah
At a young age, Hannah was introduced to drinking and drugs and later started using Heroin. After recovering and relapsing, Hannah sought treatment at Bluff Plantation.

View Her Story


Spiritual Care and Healing

Addiction is a disease that attacks and destroys our biological, psychological, social and spiritual selves. In order to fully recover from addiction, we must repair each of these four parts of ourselves. Bluff Plantation offers Spiritual Care and Healing in the form of evidence-based and faith-based recovery programs that are associated with higher rates of success, improved quality of life and longer periods of sustained abstinence.

Physical Wellness and Exercise Physiology

At Bluff Plantation, we believe that a healthy body is the first line of defense against inevitable stress and cravings. When the body feels strong, the mind is strong. Therefore, our clients take part in physical wellness and exercise physiology, nutrition counseling, and mind-body techniques to regain strength, improve health, and increase confidence.


The care that patients will receive at Bluff Plantation for alcohol, drugs and/or pain medication is multi-disciplinary and medically rigorous giving those seeking treatment the full set of tools necessary for managing and maintaining their life long recovery.

Paul Earley, M.D., Medical Director, Georgia Professionals Health Program, Inc.


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