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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Clients with severe, unstable addiction cases who require detoxification will benefit from Bluff Plantation’s 24/7 medically monitored inpatient detox and stabilization service. Bluff Plantation delivers comprehensive detox services through our affiliation with the Medical College of Georgia, one of the most reputable and established medical schools in the country. Through our partnership with the Medical College of Georgia, we can provide our clients with the full power of every medical specialty available to get them the detox treatment they need for safe and effective stabilization.

At our drug and alcohol rehab, we understand that drug and alcohol addictions are chronic, controlling, and too powerful to end through self-will alone. At Bluff Plantation, our medical and psychiatric professionals are deeply invested in every patient’s recovery journey – through detox, customized rehab programs, and relapse prevention – striving to help him or her achieve lifelong addiction recovery and a more fulfilling life.

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The Medical College of Georgia

What distinguishes Bluff Plantation’s detox program apart from others is our legal affiliation with the Medical College of Georgia, one of the most renowned teaching hospitals in the country and our Augusta neighbor. Our relationship with the Medical College of Georgia gives our patients full access to multidisciplinary specialists who can address all physical ailments, psychiatric conditions, co-occurring disorders, and other conditions depending on the symptoms and severity of the addiction.

Each substance abuse addiction is unique and impacts the brain and body in very distinct ways that require doctors with different specialties. Bluff Plantation’s association with the Medical College of Georgia allows our patients to have exclusive access to all medical professionals who are top in their field – cardiologists, neurologists, hepatologists, and more.



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What We Treat

Bluff Plantation provides detox and stabilization services for virtually all substances. Regardless of severity, our doctors and medical professionals have extensive experience in providing effective detox for:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Illicit Drugs
    • Crack
    • Cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Methamphetamines
    • Marijuana
    • Hallucinogens (LSD, PCP, Mushrooms)
    • Bath Salts
  • Prescription Drugs
    • Ativan
    • Benzos
    • Hydrocodone
    • Oxycodone
    • Oxycontin
    • Percoset
    • Roxiset
    • Suboxone
    • Valium
    • Xanax

Hear from Dr. William Jacobs,
Bluff Plantation Medical Director

Bluff Plantation's Unique Relationship with Medical College of Georgia

“We have access to the full power and technology of the Medical College of Georgia.”


Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol will vary depending on the type of substance abused, the length of abuse, the quantity of substance abused on a regular basis, method of consumption, and genetics. Although these are extensive contingencies, withdrawal effects can commonly manifest in the following ways:

  • Moderate Symptoms: Anxiety, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, fever, flu-like symptoms, insomnia, tearing, cold flashes, involuntary movements, body aches, agitation, cramps, diarrhea, bone pain, extreme nausea, drenching sweats, nervousness, or shakes.
  • Life-Threatening Symptoms: Delirium tremens (DT), abdominal pain, seizures or death.

Dangers of Attempting Self-Detox

People suffering with drug or alcohol addictions can sometimes try to quit on their own and stop substance abuse abruptly. This attempt to end addiction is very ineffective, dangerous and potentially life threatening. After prolonged, excessive abuse of drugs and alcohol, the body and mind develop a very powerful dependence. Once the body is deprived of the substance, it can go into a state of shock. This state of shock transforms into very hostile withdrawal symptoms that can push a dependent to abandon their self-detox plan altogether. In very severe cases, the onset of sudden withdrawal can cause seizures or even death.

Why Professional Detox Is Important

First and foremost, it is critical that detox from drugs and alcohol be administered in a medically supervised detox facility, under the careful watch of experienced doctors who can ensure patients’ safety 24/7. During severe detox circumstances, withdrawal from the dependent substance can cause the body severe, life-threatening shock. During professional detox, doctors will safeguard patients from this risk at all times.

Secondly, it is important detox be conducted under doctor supervision for successful completion of detoxification. The symptoms of addiction withdrawal are extremely severe and uncomfortable, which can make it almost impossible for individuals to detox on their own. Conducting detox in a safe and secure detox facility like Bluff Plantation will make the detox experience as comfortable as possible for every patient. We hope that our patients will focus less on the symptoms associated with withdrawal and focus more on their addiction recovery journey ahead.

Bluff’s Detoxification Process

Intake Evaluation & Assessment

Before administering detox services, each patient will undergo a thorough and comprehensive intake assessment. During the initial evaluation, our medical team will take into consideration your withdrawal potential, biomedical conditions and complications, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive conditions and complications, and level of care required for safe detoxification. We examine each client for any co-occurring disorders that are present alongside addiction, because they can also determine how detox will be facilitated. Co-occurring disorders could include depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety and panic disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, and eating disorders.

Inpatient Detoxification

If you arrive at Bluff Plantation displaying severe signs of an addiction problem, our medical team, under the leadership of Bluff Plantation's medical director and renowned addiction expert, Dr. William S. Jacobs, will evaluate the need for inpatient detox.

Inpatient detox is the highest level of adult detoxification. It is specifically recommended for those who may experience severe withdrawal complications and/or acute biomedical complications as a result of a substance use disorder. A patient undergoing such intense withdrawal may experience physical and psychiatric alterations that are considered to be medical emergencies, and should only be treated by medical professionals to guarantee a safe and successful recovery. This type of treatment must be medically managed in an intensive inpatient setting. Bluff Plantation is a proud affiliate of the Medical College of Georgia, giving our patients full access to the prominent doctors, technology and medical resources available at this renowned hospital.

Continuum of Care

Bluff Planation provides a unique recovery opportunity for our clients who could potentially experience severe and unstable withdrawal from addiction. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates closely to ensure that our clients’ addiction treatment plan is appropriate, successful and seamless.

Withdrawal Management

Each substance abuse addiction requires a distinct method for detoxification, sometimes involving medication to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal. Bluff Plantation’s medically supervised detoxification center delivers gentle detox to make sure every patient is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Take The First Step To End Addiction

Taking the first step to end addiction can be scary and difficult, but help is available and lifelong recovery is possible. Our multidisciplinary team at Bluff Plantation is compassionate about substance abuse detox and rehabilitation. We serve each of our clients with the utmost patient care and attention to ensure that each of them achieves addiction recovery that endures forever.


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