Dr. Jacobs and his treatment center leaders

Our Addiction
Treatment Experts

At Bluff Plantation, we’ve brought together a team of world-class addiction experts utilizing a proven model of addiction treatment leading to lifelong recovery.

Renowned Addiction Medicine Experts

Bluff Plantation is staffed by experts known for their experience, compassion and success in helping patients overcome addiction. Our multidisciplinary team includes board-certified physicians and addiction medicine fellows, psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, registered nurses, licensed therapists and counselors who have dedicated their careers to helping individuals achieve a lasting recovery.

Rachel Ryan, MS, MBA, LPC

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Rachel Ryan, MS, MBA, LPC, manages operations and clinical services at Bluff Plantation’s Augusta, Georgia rehab center. Her responsibilities include oversight of admissions/intake, business development, recovery programming, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

John Martin, LMSW, MAC, CAC I

Clinical Director

John Martin, LMSW, MAC, CAC I is the Clinical Director of Bluff Plantation. John specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and utilizes contextual-based behavioral and cognitive approaches to bring about change in clients and connect them with the spiritual approach of the twelve steps.

Katherine Harris, RN

Director of Nursing

A registered nurse with over 35 years of experience, Katherine Harris has worked as an operating room nurse, a nurse manager and a hospice nurse. She appreciates taking care of patients in addiction treatment who are getting a second chance at life. At Bluff Plantation, she manages clinical staff and oversees patient care.

Christian Frazier, CPS

Recovery Counselor

As a Recovery Counselor at Bluff Plantation, Christian Frazier works with patients to promote long-term recovery from substance use disorders by providing experienced peer support and recovery coaching.

Preston Watson, MMT, MT-BC, LPMT

Music Therapist

As Bluff Plantation’s Music Therapist, Preston Watson, MMT, MT-BC, LPMT, works with patients on expressing their thoughts and emotions using non-verbal methods and connecting with others through shared musical experiences.

Larisa Washington

Discharge and Alumni Coordinator

As Discharge Coordinator for Bluff Plantation, Larisa Washington helps patients safely and successfully transition out of residential treatment and back into the community.

Jessica Glenn

Behavior Tech

Jessica Glenn is a Behavioral Health Technician who works in the equine therapy program at Bluff Plantation. She helps patients learn how to care for the therapy horses, ensures patient safety in residential care, and ensures patients are participating in programming while in treatment.

Multidisciplinary, Coordinated Approach

Teamwork and collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Bluff Plantation, from the assessment through discharge and aftercare. The Bluff Plantation team integrates evidence-based medical treatment into every aspect of addiction treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

Our physicians and medical staff also work closely with our equine therapists, art therapists, movement therapists and counselors, who offer new perspectives and build connections with patients that help change lives. And not to go unmentioned are our chefs, whose nutritious meals help our patients rebuild their immune systems and regain their strength.

Dr. Bill Jacobs is a leader in the field of Addiction Medicine. He has made major contributions to addiction treatment, namely in the challenging nexus of pain and addiction. I congratulate Dr. Jacobs on his new leadership position at Bluff Plantation.

Dr. David E. Smith Former President, American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)

Dr. Bill Jacobs is a nationally recognized expert in the field of addiction medicine and pain medication abuse. His experience in treating people who are in the grips of addiction is an asset to the entire state of Georgia.

Dr. Vaughn McCall, Chairman Medical College of Georgia Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior

Bluff Plantation sets a new standard for addiction treatment by linking leading experts, like Dr. Bill Jacobs, and best practices pioneered by the state Physician Health programs. Pain management is one of the most challenging areas in addiction medicine today. That too, is a speciality of Dr. Jacobs and Bluff Plantation.

Robert DuPont, M.D., Founding Director of NIDA

Bluff Plantation is uniquely positioned as the only detox and recovery center in America led by a medical director, Dr. Bill Jacobs, who has unique expertise as the only triple board-certified physician in Addiction Medicine, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine in the U.S.

Dr. Bertha Madras Harvard Medical School & Former White House Deputy Drug Czar
Certified addiction case manager working with one of her addiction patients

Certified Addiction Case Manager

At Bluff Plantation, a Certified Addiction Case Manager will be assigned to work with you and manage your case from the start of treatment through discharge and aftercare. The case manager will collaborate closely with each person involved in your care to develop an addiction treatment plan unique to your needs.

Your Certified Addiction Case Manager will be with you each step of the way, monitoring progress and amending your plan as needed for maximum success. You will have daily interactions with your case manager, who is there to advocate for you and coach you through the stages of treatment at Bluff Plantation.

Continuing Care Coordinator having a Conversation

Continuing Care Coordinator

At Bluff Plantation, our goal is to ensure patients have the skills, resources and support they need to sustain sobriety and well-being for a lifetime. As part of the discharge plan, a Continuing Care Coordinator assists patients in identifying and connecting with resources available through Bluff Plantation and in the community. These resources assist patients with transitioning back into their everyday lives and provide support to maintain recovery.

The Continuing Care Coordinator communicates with external therapists, professional agencies, recovery coaches, potential sober housing facilities, and others who are crucial in helping patients maintain sobriety, face challenges, deal effectively with stress and continue to heal over the long-term.

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