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Addiction Treatment Amenities

Bluff Plantation's residential addiction treatment program offers those struggling with alcohol, drug and pain medication addiction a diverse assortment of amenities to help restore the mind, body and spirit.

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Getting in Tune with Nature

Nestled in the midst of 178 lush acres on the Savannah River, Bluff Plantation offers clients a beautiful, natural environment perfect for therapeutic walks or runs along the property's serene nature trails and outdoors. Researchers have found that simply being outside with walkable green trails not only provides a place for exercise, but also improves a person's state of mind by enabling them to practice mindfulness in a peaceful and serene outdoor environment.



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Meditation & Yoga

During a patient's residential treatment, our clinical and therapeutic experts teach and share best practices for developing meditation skills which are proven and effective methods for achieving better self-awareness, enabling the management of anxiety, depression, stress, addiction and rejuvenating one's mind, body and spirit.

While we recognize addiction as a chronic brain disease, we also believe that one's recovery is significantly improved by Yoga, a system of exercise that improves one's physical well being and state of mind. At Bluff Plantation, our therapeutic treatment experts teach the art and science of recovery so that you manage your long-term management of your chronic illness.

Equine Therapy

Bluff Plantation offers equine therapy also known as Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAT), a form of treatment that promotes healing to those suffering from addiction or dual disorders, by facilitating physical and emotional healing and development. In partnership with local equestrian centers, our clients enjoy equine therapy to facilitate physical and emotional healing.


On the Path to Recovery

Bluff Plantation provides a diverse suite of amenities that will accelerate and sustain your recovery through the teaching of new skill sets and lifestyle management tools that include recreational therapy and holistic approaches. Our beautiful and serene landscape provides a healing ground for addiction rehabilitation in a serene and beautiful environment.

Hear from Dr. William Jacobs,
Bluff Plantation Medical Director

The Most Important thing you Should Know

“When they leave here, we want them to be well on their road toward long-term recovery.”


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