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A Passion for Service

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Mahatma Gandhi's timeless quote best describes the passion we have for service and our commitment to delivering the best addiction care possible to our clients.

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Exceeding Expectations

Our passion for service exceeds the expectations of our clients and their families. Bluff Plantation offers high-quality, responsive customer service, and one-on-one personal attention for each person who arrives at our facility. At Bluff Plantation, we understand that addiction can cause feelings of frustration, defeat, and helplessness. Clients often believe they are defective and untreatable. To offset these feelings, we work hard to provide a warm, accepting atmosphere that normalizes these feelings. We are committed to your comfort and care and strive to provide the finest personal service so you can regain your confidence and stay focused on your recovery.



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Enhancing Your Experience

Bluff Plantation applies the principles of respect, integrity and compassion to every aspect of our addiction treatment model. We do not pass judgment or discriminate because of your addiction. Instead, we will lift you up and provide guidance and support to make sure you maximize your time with us.

Bluff Plantation is committed to your comfort, well-being and happiness and we recognize that time can stand still during addiction rehabilitation. We strive to enhance your experience at Bluff Plantation so all you have to worry about is healing.

Hear from Dr. William Jacobs,
Bluff Plantation Medical Director

Bluff Plantation's Unique Relationship with Medical College of Georgia

“We have access to the full power and technology of the Medical College of Georgia.”

A Day of Service at Bluff Plantation

An example of a typical day begins with a delectable, balanced breakfast, carefully prepared by our executive chef. If you have dietary requirements or food allergies, our chef and dining staff will prepare your meal accordingly. You will then move onto our daily physical wellness program where your fitness trainer will talk to you about any concerns and provide exercise instruction that is appropriate for you.

Throughout the day, your therapist will ensure that you are progressing well through your activities and answer any questions or work with others to fulfill your requests. As you wind down, allow our staff to provide you a cup of tea or the daily newspaper for light reading. Every encounter you experience at Bluff Plantation is warm, rewarding and positive.


Our Passion for Service is Unmatched

At Bluff Plantation, our professional clientele experience a refined atmosphere, exceptional service and unparalleled neuroscience-driven addiction rehabilitation. Our passion for service is experienced in every interaction from the briefest encounter to the more serious and extended.


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