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At Bluff Plantation, we treat those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction in a setting unlike any other in the United States. Our guests and patients are those who appreciate and recognize excellent accommodations, amenities and want the same experience delivered in the treatment of their chronic condition. We are committed to delivering the highest levels of addiction treatment, combined with peaceful accommodations, a beautiful setting and a warm, friendly, and compassionate staff.

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Setting New Standards in Addiction Treatment

Bluff Plantation delivers evidence-based, scientifically driven addiction medicine in a peaceful residential setting where privacy and tranquility are treasured. Our private cottages, caliber service, beautiful surroundings and variety of amenities make Bluff Plantation the top destination for individuals suffering from addiction disorder.


Rigorous and Compassionate Care

The addiction medicine team at Bluff Plantation recognizes that each individual is unique and we’re dedicated to personalizing your addiction treatment plan accordingly. At Bluff Plantation, you can expect compassionate care from our expert physicians, nurses, and therapists while undergoing multi-dimensional, evidence-based, therapeutic modalities to treat your addiction. We provide serious, neuroscience treatment with a compassionate human touch.

A Passion for Service

At Bluff Plantation, we have a passion for service beginning with our client's care and comfort. We pledge to provide the finest personal service by applying the principles of respect, integrity and compassion to every aspect of our addiction treatment model. Our clientele experience a refined atmosphere, exceptional service and unparalleled neuroscience-driven addiction rehabilitation.


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Excellent Accommodations

Our residences provide an elegant and enticing escape with stunning views of our sweeping 178 acres and soothing sounds of the Savannah River for optimal healing and recovery.

Our Amenities

Bluff Plantation’s residential addiction treatment center offers the finest recovery amenities. From equine therapy, nature trails and hiking to yoga and meditation, Bluff Plantation offers a wide array of amenities to accelerate one’s recovery from addiction.


Success Story: Digger's Recovery from Addiction

Meet Digger
As featured on A&Es Intervention, Digger struggled with addiction for 20 years. With the determination to make a change in his life, Digger sought treatment at Bluff Plantation.

View His Story

Healthy Cuisince

Healthy Cuisine

Diet and proper nutrition have a significant impact on improving and sustaining recovery from addiction. Bluff Plantation offers a customized diet program complete nutrition counseling to help you achieve and maintain healthier eating habits during and after addiction treatment.

Beautiful and Private Setting

Nestled along the banks of the Savannah River, Bluff Plantation is located approximately 150 miles east of Atlanta and just 30 minutes from Augusta Regional Airport. Best known for hosting the prestigious annual golf tournament, The Masters, Augusta also offers alluring nature trails and an average comfortable temperature of 63 degrees year-round.


I know of no greater, more comprehensive addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility on the East Coast. Bluff Plantation is literally setting new standards in the quality of care provided to those struggling with alcohol, drugs and/or pain medications.

Dr. Mark S. Gold, Retired, University of Florida College of Medicine Eminent Scholar, Professor


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