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Drug Addiction Treatment in Augusta

Drug addiction is both a chronic condition and a disease of the brain that requires multidisciplinary, neuroscience-driven treatment.

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Personalized Care for Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug abuse and dependency begins with recognizing the seriousness of the problem and having the courage to ask for help. Regardless of how long you have been suffering with drug addiction, what drugs you are addicted to, or what other conditions may be co-occurring, Bluff Plantation will develop a personalized plan to get you on the road to recovery.

Our comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment program combines the most current neuroscience-driven approach with the best holistic treatment to provide you with the tools necessary to live a meaningful life free from addiction.



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New Paradigm in Treating Drug Abuse

Bluff Plantation has developed a more far-sighted approach in treating drug use disorders and addiction. At present, most addiction treatment programs for drug use disorders are crisis driven, short-term, episodic, program driven, and associated with high rates of relapse. Because of these high rates of relapse, Bluff Plantation has developed a more far-sighted approach in treating drug use disorders and addiction.

Our treatment modalities are focused on reducing relapse and establishing long-term, evidence-based care and lifelong support. Much like the care you’d receive for a chronic illness like diabetes.

Repairing and Restoring the Brain

Our addiction treatment program focuses on repairing the damage that has distorted the brain’s reward system through repeated drug use. Because the body's chemistry has been altered, specifically the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers, Bluff Plantation concentrates on repairing the low dopamine levels and restoring the body to a balanced and healthy state.

Our team of drug addiction experts includes licensed medical practitioners, registered nurses, clinical psychologists, nutritionists, culinary addiction experts, individual, group and family therapists, exercise/yoga instructors and psycho-spiritual counselors.


Treatment that Lasts a Lifetime

At Bluff Plantation, we’ve designed neuroscience-driven treatment for drug use disorders and addiction to repair the brain’s chemical imbalance that has prevented successful recovery in the past. We provide an unsurpassed rehabilitation experience through intensive outpatient programs designed to treat everything from the simplest to the most medically complex cases of drug addiction. We ensure that you receive the individualized care necessary that not only will help you get through the next day, but will last a lifetime. Learn more about our rehab center in GA.

Success Story: Hannah's Recovery from Addiction

Meet Hannah
At a young age, Hannah was introduced to drinking and drugs and later started using Heroin. After recovering and relapsing, Hannah sought treatment at Bluff Plantation.

View Her Story


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