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Continuous Care & Addiction Recovery

Recovery means becoming the person you've always wanted to be, and it is this developmental process that continues well beyond initial treatment.

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Support Doesn't End When You Leave

Treatment for addiction has largely been centered on acute care occurring in short, intense, episodes of treatment. Although this model is effective for initiating abstinence, it does not promote sustained behavior change in individuals with substance use disorders.

At Bluff Plantation, we integrate continuous monitoring into our model of care so that treatment extends well beyond the initial rehabilitation period. From the onset of your addiction treatment, we focus on the phase that occurs after you leave our facility by developing a continuing care plan.



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Life Outside of Addiction

The road to recovery is often toughest when you return home and back to your profession. This phase is the most important as you begin to apply the tools you have learned to maintain your sobriety while re-entering the outside world.

At Bluff Plantation, our Continuing Care Coordinators will continue to work with you as you make the transition. Your continuing care plan will address your needs such as ongoing support, group attendance, individual and family therapy, medical care, recovery skill building classes and support from those around you. We will make sure these resources are in place for you to support you on your journey.

Success Story: Digger's Recovery from Addiction

Meet Digger
As featured on A&Es Intervention, Digger struggled with addiction for 20 years. With the determination to make a change in his life, Digger sought treatment at Bluff Plantation.

View His Story

Monitoring for Continued Success

As a means of continued success, drug testing is a key component of our continuous monitoring program. Studies have shown that drug testing is a deterrent to drug use and has been used successfully with airline pilots and high school athletes.

Drug testing for a recovering addict is similar to glucose testing for a diabetic. Once blood sugar levels are under control, a diabetic continues to monitor blood glucose levels to ensure continued success.

At Bluff Plantation, we believe recovery is more than just abstaining from an addiction; it is also about leading a healthy, productive life. It is our goal to assist you in your recovery every step of the way.


Lifelong Partner

Once you become a client at Bluff Plantation, you are considered a client for life. Substance abuse is a chronic disease and lifelong recovery requires long-term management. Our treatment has no specific time frame and doesn’t end when you leave our campus. We will continue to support you long after you've completed detox and our in-patient recovery program.


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