Don’t Wait to Start Your Recovery

With the holidays rapidly approaching, people struggling with addiction often decide to wait to start treatment until January. We urge anyone with a drug or alcohol problem not to delay. There are so many deadly drugs in circulation today – and those drugs don’t care what day of the year it is. Overdoses happen just as often on Christmas as they do other days of the year.

If you or someone you care about is on the fence about when to start, here are five reasons to say yes to addiction treatment during the holidays.

The holidays can be hard to get through. On TV and in popular culture, Christmas and New Years are painted as a joyful time. But for many people, especially those with addiction, the holidays can be anything but happy. Instead, they may feel anxiety, stress and anger that their life doesn’t come anywhere close to fitting the ideal picture. By getting into rehab, people struggling with addiction can start dealing with the experiences that have caused them emotional distress, putting themselves on the road to a happier future.

It’s easy to overindulge. Whether it’s the strong emotions that accompany the holidays, or the presence of alcohol at every event, the holiday season can trigger people to overindulge. For addicts, that can be especially dangerous. By getting in to rehab, people ensure they stay safe, and have the chance to start 2018 off right.

You may pay less for treatment. If your insurance deductible or out of pocket maximums are met, insurance may cover most of your treatment. Our recovery specialists will work with you to determine what insurance will cover.

You will truly have something to celebrate. When people are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or preoccupied with consuming drugs or alcohol, they can be present at holiday celebrations, yet not really able to experience the joy of being with those they love. By getting sober, those real emotions will return. Let this Christmas or New Year’s be a moment to celebrate another chance at living.

New Year’s resolutions rarely stick. Many people resolve to do their own extreme makeover and get sober after partying through the holidays. Even with the best intentions, people quickly go back to their old habits, and most New Year’s resolutions are forgotten. For those who are serious about changing their life for the better, the best day to start is today.

Knowing you’re safe and in rehab will bring your family peace on earth. Drug and alcohol use brings chaos to the whole family. Your family will rest easier knowing that you’re getting the help you need.