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Neuroscience Driven Treatment

Through remarkable advances in neuroscience, scientific research confirms that addiction is a complex and multifaceted brain disease that requires neuroscience-driven treatment.

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Like Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disease, Addiction is a Chronic Condition

Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.

Many scientists and researchers have spent considerable time studying the underlying reasons of addiction. Through remarkable advances in neuroscience, scientific research confirms that addiction is a complex and multifaceted brain disease that requires neuroscience-driven treatment.

Research has shown that alcohol and drugs target the brain’s reward system by stimulating key neurotransmitters, primarily dopamine. Dopamine is the reason why drinking alcohol or using drugs is initially enjoyable for most people. However for some, alcohol or drug use produces feelings that are so intense, compelling and memorable that they cannot be ignored. Because of this dysfunction in the brain’s circuitry, the addicted person will continue to pursue reward and/or relief by substance use.



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Your Brain’s Reward System has been “Hijacked”

Prolonged exposure to substances results in neuroadaptive changes that redefine pleasure and degrade the neurocircuitry that normally prevents impulsive and risky behaviors. As addiction progresses, the brain’s reward system is “hijacked” to the extent that experiencing pleasure, joy or even contentment in the absence of drugs or alcohol is unlikely.

As a result of these neuronal changes, an individual’s lifestyle becomes increasingly organized around attaining and using substances. In addition, the memories associated with drug use persist indefinitely. Drug-associated environmental cues or stressful events can trigger intense craving and relapse by activating the brain’s reward pathways.

Successful Addiction Treatment Addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit

The disruption of the brain’s reward system persists even after sustained abstinence. As a result, early recovery is often characterized by mood swings, boredom and anxiety, all of which could be immediately alleviated just by using the substance.

Because addiction is a chronic multi-dimensional brain disease involving complex biological, behavioral, and social systems – addiction treatment must also be multi-dimensional with evidenced-based therapeutic modalities that address its complexity and chronicity. Most addiction treatment programs provide intermittent interventions. This has created a revolving door of multiple, and largely ineffective, treatment episodes.


A Vibrant Process of Continued Learning

Bluff Plantation offers innovative neuroscience-driven addiction treatment that quickly and effectively targets and restores the chemical imbalances in the brain which occur as a result of drug and alcohol use. Our exclusive custom-tailored, medically rigorous treatment plan includes post-discharge support that provides the resources needed for long-term sobriety and recovery.

Addiction rehabilitation at Bluff Plantation is not a series of events or meetings, but rather a vibrant process of continued learning, character development, restoration of relationships and the attainment of skills to prevent addiction relapse.


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