At Bluff Plantation, we take a unique approach to substance abuse treatment. Statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that as much as 60 percent of addicts relapse following their detox and rehabilitation. These statistics are very similar to the relapse rates for other diseases such as asthma and hypertension. Based upon these numbers, one thing is very clear: Addiction must be treated seriously. Further, statistics like these indicate that a better approach to long-term addiction recovery is needed. That is exactly what we offer patients at Bluff Plantation: A better approach to recovery, one that actually works.

The Natural Approach

One of the key parts of our recovery plan is our holistic approach. It is clearly demonstrated that giving addicts new drugs to transition them off old drugs is a poor recovery model. We do not seek to simply detox patients quickly by replacing their addiction with something new. We use the gentlest, most comfortable detox methods possible, all while remaining natural and drug-free.

We chose the Southern plantation-style property in Augusta, Georgia as home for our facility because we believe that having a beautiful and restful environment plays a significant role in the success of rehabilitation. Patients feel pampered, which is something that is sorely lacking in many substance abuse treatment programs.

We use a number of holistic methods to help patients achieve full recovery in an organic way. Our approach works so well because of the multi-disciplinary approach that is based on the science of the human body.

Our approach includes help in all areas of a patient’s life. The recovery program here includes:

  • Expert care from a medical doctor
  • Professional counseling that gets to the root of the addiction
  • Planning for recovery and personal coaching for after the patient goes home
  • Spiritual care and assistance with spiritual healing
  • Nutritional counseling, and development of a healthy long-term eating plan
  • Exercise counseling, and development of a custom exercise plan

The Long-term

Everything that we do here at Bluff Plantation has a dual focus: We want patients to recover fully while they are here, and we want patients to maintain that recovery once they return home again.

One of the hardest parts of recovery is the process of transitioning back to the outside world. That’s why we focus on continued care, even after you’ve left Bluff Plantation. We provide every patient with access to our relapse prevention program and weekly support group, among other on-going programs meant to patient needs long-term.

Recovery isn’t just about abstaining from an addiction. It’s about returning to a healthy and fulfilling life. Our goal is to support you every step of the way.