We are proud and honored to have Bluff Plantation Medical Director, Dr. William Jacobs, invited to participate in today’s National Addiction Symposium in Washington, D.C., hosted by the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM).  One of the nation’s leading experts in addiction treatment, Dr. Jacobs has been on the front lines of the opiate and addiction epidemic gripping our nation, and his experience developing a new standard for scientifically driven, multi-disciplinary treatment programs at Bluff Plantation enables him to contribute invaluable insights into the new types of treatment facilities and recovery models necessary to more effectively combat this crisis. “We are clearly in the midst of an opiate overdose and addiction epidemic. Fueled by pain medications and heroin, all experts are looking for answers. Rarely does an addiction treatment expert have the exact skill set needed to help. Bill Jacobs MD is an expert on pain, opiate medications, addiction and treatment—and Board certified in 3 medical specialties—has made major contributions already in Georgia and certainly was selected for these reasons to share his experiences, insights, opinions, and advice,“ said Dr. Mark Gold, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Boards for RiverMend Health.

One of the most pressing issues being discussed at the Symposium is the shortage of trained treatment providers available to even begin making a meaningful impact on the lives of people, represented across all socio-economic demographics, who are suffering in the shadows through addiction with seemingly nowhere to turn for proper care.  Through addiction training centers like Bluff Plantation, Dr. Jacobs is providing both a progressive blueprint for how to train treatment providers and a tangible model for reform that can hopefully be implemented on a national scale.  Reflecting on his opportunity to play a key role in today’s Symposium, Dr. Jacobs states, “It’s an honor to participate in this influential symposium at the Nation’s capital, with the leaders in addiction treatment across the United States.  I hope my experiences here in Georgia can help guide others who are thinking of starting fellowship programs in addiction medicine. These programs are an important step in training physicians to take better care of patients and families struggling with addiction, and to ultimately address an urgent need to expand treatment programs across this country.”

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