A Passion for Service: Comprehensive and Compassionate Recovery

If you feel the time is right to find a path towards permanent long-term addiction recovery, consider searching for a treatment center whose philosophy is based on a passion for service and commitment to your enduring sobriety. As you explore your options, you may initially rule out a luxury addiction treatment center as more than you need or deserve. However, at a luxury addiction treatment center like Bluff Plantation, you improve your chances at achieving sobriety and clarity, and increase the likelihood that you will succeed without relapse. With recovery like this, you will discover that you deserve success and a chance at a happy life, free of drugs and other substances that have prevented your growth and happiness in the past.

Focus on a Life of Well-Being As You Immerse Yourself in Recovery

Substance abusers can struggle to allow themselves what seems like an indulgence while committing completely to the recovery process, but choosing a rehabilitation facility to achieve sobriety will help you successfully walk the path to recovery. You may feel that your addiction has created a strain in your relationship among family members and friends. In committing to the process, however, you will become a better friend and family member. As you begin your course toward recovery and make it the cornerstone of your life, Bluff Plantation can support you and your family with family counseling.

What Makes a Program Comprehensive and Compassionate?

Once you decide to commit to your long-term addiction recovery and begin your search for the right treatment center, there are some philosophies and approaches you’ll rule out. You may have tried a step-based program in the past without success, or been unable to find the right environment. However, when you decide it is time to reach out for substance abuse help, keep an open mind in order to find a program which will help you recover in a professional and comfortable environment. Doing so will help you trust in the process.

Advances in medical science have confirmed that addiction is a critical and dangerous brain disease — one which negatively affects both the body and sense of well-being. Drugs and alcohol target the brain’s reward and relief systems, making those who suffer from addiction struggle to commit to sober living.

Bluff Plantation understands that addiction sufferers need a neuroscience-driven treatment approach to help reach recovery and thrive in a new life, free from addiction. Featuring a team of medical personnel and compassionate staff, treatment involves freeing the mind from its “hijacked” state, giving control back to the person by taking control away from the substance.

Our Approach to Your Recovery

Working from the knowledge that substance addiction is a neurological condition that has overtaken large portions of the biological, behavioral and social systems, our approach to recovery involves helping our patients reclaim those systems and strengthening them so they realize they don’t need the false reward and relief system that drugs and alcohol promise.

Starting with medical management from our medical experts, we help our patients safely remove substances from their systems to begin treatment with a healthy slate. Once detox is complete, we provide addiction centered therapy so our patients understand why they’re suffering from addiction. Our patients learn new coping skills, based on their own abilities and resiliency, so they will not need to look to external reinforcements. Other important steps in our approach to long-term recovery include mindfulness-based relapse prevention, recovery planning and coaching, spiritual care and healing, and physical wellness and exercise physiology.

Once you explore our philosophy and approach, you will understand our passion for service to your healing and overall well-being.